Saturday, October 26, 2013

Little Bits of Fun!

Our Little Bits miniature quilt group is a ton of fun!  We met again this month to work on projects, have show and tell (always a must), and eat some snacks.  I took a few pictures of show and tell because these gals have been hard at work and their projects are amazing!

Here is Max, who we sometimes fondly refer to as "The Bag Lady" because she makes a lot of bags, showing off another gorgeous creation.  She also taught us all how to make the pretty flower on the front.

Mary has also been busy making bags!

....  and a couple of miniature quilt tops using the "twist it ruler".  She did a much better job of contrasting the fabrics than I did when I made mine a year ago.  In miniature quilts in particular, it's all about contrasting fabrics!  Well maybe it is not ALL about that, but that is important!

Bobbi shows off a bag that she bought at a show.  It is made with upholstery fabric and is durable and beautiful.  I had one of similar shape several years ago called a "healthy back bag" because it is supposed to be easier on your back to carry, due to the way it is designed.

Mary also made this miniature quilt out of neckties - using the Drunkard's Path pattern. She even attached a few of the necktie labels on the border.

Our "Bag Lady" Max was EXTRA busy this month!  She made ALL of us a bag (she has done this before too - I have another bag she made me that I use all the time.)  These bags are very pretty and sport a variety of button embellishments.  Mine is the perfect size for my iPad :)

Here we all are showing off our Max Bags.

A close-up of mine!

We can always count on Eleanor for some great show and tells pieces.  Here she shows us a cute wall hanging and a beautiful quilt!

This is a quilt of Eleanor's too, that she completed awhile ago but Annie and I asked her to bring it again because we are working on ours.  Sherida has an antique quilt, called a Postage Stamp quilt that looks very similar to this.  We liked it so much we started trading 5 inch nine-patch blocks so we could each try and replicate the antique quilt.  Eleanor is the first one to finish a version of it and it looks great!  I really want to work on mine too - but I think I am going to quilt those seven quilts first ....  Annie is hard at work on hers though so we should see hers soon!

Leota showed us some Sashiko she has been working on.  We had a little workshop on this several months ago and Leota has really taken it up and made some beautiful pieces.

Sherida always has fun pieces to share!  She and Max are very artsy and creative - inspiring all of us!

Here is Sherida showing off a cute Halloween pillow and a wall hanging.  She said her daughter gets to keep the pillow.

Here is a quilt she made from some blocks she won at CO West Quilt Guild's block of the month activity.  I really like the way this quilt turned out!

At our meeting we discussed plans for activities and workshops we want to do in the New Year and we drew names for our Secret Sister gifts in December.  I love these dear friends!  It is always fun to get together with them :)

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