Monday, November 11, 2013

More Winners!

"Primitive Web" by Linda Roy from Tennessee won first place in the Innovative Appliqué category.

"Greg's Song" by Linda Taylor and Cheri Meineke-Johnson from Wyoming won third place in the same category.

This quilt is all hand appliquéd and hand pieced by Cheri and free motion machine quilted by Linda.

This is the back of the quilt above "Greg's Song".  The back is embellished with over 15,000 Swarovski hot-fix crystals, making it a "stunning reversible quilt!"

In the Innovative Pieced category, Sandra Peterson from Indiana, won first place for her quilt "Bohemian II: Ferris Wheels and Kites".

And second place in this category went to the quilt below "Random Rose Garden" by Karen Eckmeier from Connecticut.  (She also won a prize in the miniature art category.)

In the Merit Quilting, Hand category, first place went to "Jacobean Dream" by Linda Roy from Tennessee, her second first place award!  (see above)

In the Merit Quilting, Machine category, first place went to "Swan's Song" by Lisa Calle from Pennsylvania.  See detail below!  Incredible machine quilting.

Second place in this category went to "Eureka!" by Marilyn Badger from Utah.

Another win for Janet Stone and her alphabet series quilts is first place in the Mixed Technique category for this quilt "Letter Carriers".  She is from Kansas.  Wow!  Her work is amazing :)

First place in the Traditional Appliqué category went to Rhonda Pearce from Australia for her quilt "Baltimore Classic".

Third place in this category went to "Sampling the Silk Road" by Christine Wickert from New York.  See detail in the photo below.

Third place in the Traditional Pieced category went to "A Truly Feathered Star" made by Karen Sievert from North Carolina.

First place in the Wearable Art category went to Philippa Naylor from the UK for "Scarlett's Crimson" (see below)

No, this is not an award winner, but it's the first done in my long line of quilts to quilt.  One down, six to go!  My Mom made this one as a gift for someone and I told her I would quilt it for her.  So it is done!  And in time for Christmas!

Have a great day :)

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