Monday, December 16, 2013

Only Half a Block

I cleaned house all morning, then went grocery shopping but I had two hours this afternoon I was going to go up to my sewing room and try to quilt a few more blocks on my quilt!  But... my sewing machine would not come on!  I turned it off and on about three times with no success.  The opening screen would appear (so I knew it was receiving power) but it wouldn't "boot up".  So I called Hi Fashion and Jeff said it was a problem this particular machine has been having but they have a "fix" for it and to bring the machine in.  Sure enough, a half hour later he had the machine all fixed!  But between that
 and driving back and forth, it pretty much ate up most of my two hours so I only got about a half of a block quilted today.  Ah well - tomorrow is a new day.
Before starting the quilting I sketched the shape of the block and tried out several different designs. I'm happy with the design I chose, which is the large one on the left in the photo.
I also dug through my King Tut thread to choose the best thread for the bright melons.  A yellowish green color seemed to go best overall with the variety of colors in the quilt.

I ordered this book from Leah Day's website.  It is a great book!  I am excited to try some of the designs.  She quilts more densely than I do, or would on a bed quilt anyway, but I think most of these can be adapted for "lighter" quilting too.

I received another quilt book today that I ordered.  More on that later....

Happy Quilting!!

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