Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Very Loki Christmas

Mike's friends opened up a new Loki store in town and part of our Christmas was letting everyone pick out something very "Loki" from the store.  Here we all are in our new gear :)

Part of the family went snow shoeing yesterday and someone, I'm not sure who, tracked this very cool quilt design in the snow.  I use this design a lot in borders when I am machine quilting.

I am still sick!  I need to get better soon so I can get my snowman quilt quilted and hung up before January is over.  Right now the Christmas quilt is still hanging and I am ready to change it!

Remember the Adorn It fabric that I mentioned before and love?  Go to YouTube and look up "About AdornIt" and see the new video they posted about their business.  Very cool.

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