Friday, January 3, 2014

Back In The Sewing Room!

After nearly two weeks I went back in my sewing room today!  Hurray!  It functioned very nicely as a bedroom during the holidays, thanks to the Murphy Bed :)  My son said it was comfortable and that he liked sleeping under the new quilt too. I finally felt well enough today to get back to some sewing!
Here are the first two projects I plan to finish in 2014.  My table mat  just requires a little bit more hand stitching and then ironing and stitching the backing on.  It will go in our living room.

The Warm Winter Blessings wall hanging needs machine quilted and the binding sewn on.  I made mine about 3/4 the size of the pattern and I am really happy with the way it turned out.  It was fun to begin quilting it today!

First of all, I needed to audition thread for the machine quilting.  I decided to use my DMC 50 weight thread, since it's not a large wall hanging and I didn't want a thicker thread to "take over".
This navy thread works well for the backgrounds of the blocks.

I was a little surprised by the thread I chose for the sashing.  I thought for sure it would need a neutral tan sort of color, but instead the one that looked best on all of the fabrics in the sashing was a gray/blue (pictured below), the thread on the far right in this picture.  Just goes to show you, never have your mind so stuck on one thread color that you're not willing to try other options!  You never know what you might end up liking.

That's one reason it's nice to have a good sized thread stash!  I have a LOT of colors of the DMC 50 weight and I use them.

Here is a feather stitched out in the sashing with the blue/gray thread, and some stippling in the background with the navy thread.

Downton Abbey FANS - are you excited for Sunday?  The first episode of Season Four?   This Entertainment Weekly came in my work mail today!  It was a treat to read about the upcoming season and some "behind the scenes" stuff, because I apparently AM an "obsessive viewer" :)
Tomorrow is the Downton Abbey Tea Party at Hi Fashion Fabrics!  I am going, along with several of my dearest quilting, Downton Abbey fan, friends.  Heather and Kari promised to dress the part and model some of the new Downton Abbey patterns and fabric.  Maybe I will get some ideas for what I want to make with my DA fabric!  Heather told me to come, even if I am still sick, but luckily I am feeling better!  I can tell because I can taste food again and I am eating everything in sight!  Time to begin my 2014 diet!

Happy Downton Abbey viewing!!

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