Friday, January 17, 2014

Pinterest Party

Every other month at Hi Fashion this year,  they are having a "Pinterest Party" where Heather will teach a pattern, bring snacks, and share other ideas she found on Pinterest.

Today was the first one and it was really a LOT of fun!  The pattern this month was Bubble Up, shown in the picture at the right.

The first half hour she showed us how to use Pinterest, which was great for me because I have only explored it a little bit.

For snacks she brought a cheesy chicken dip, found on Pinterest of course, and a veggie tray, using a red pepper as the ranch dip bowl.

She also brought cupcakes from Baker's Boutique because it is Toni's (a class member) birthday today.  Everything was yummy!

It's always fun to see what different fabrics everyone uses and how different their quilts are going to look.

Basically, you cut out circles and sew them on the background leaving a quarter inch or so around the edge.  When you wash it, the edges fray to give it that "rag quilt" sort of look.

I did not want to make a big quilt and I wanted to use fabric I already had, so I went through my flannel stash and just arranged fun flannel circles on a flannel background and put together two baby quilt tops.   Here is one of them.  I will post better pictures when I get them done and washed so you can see the frayed edges better.

Another class member, Tracy, didn't follow the pattern exactly either and is putting hers together this way.  I really like her swirls with different sized circles in the red, white and blue fabric!

Here is my second baby quilt top.  I am thinking of not putting batting in them, just backing the other one with flannel and this one with minkie and they will be almost more like a receiving blanket.  I am going to try it!  Wish me luck.  I will have to do some light "quilting" to keep the two layers together, but probably not much.

Uh oh, now I have two more projects to finish... Oh well, I will have two gifts when I am done!

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