Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Still Winter on Our Side of the Street!

It is always fun to drive down our street this time of year, when the snow starts melting, because on our side of the street, it still looks like winter! We still have almost a foot of snow in our front yard, while across the street, it's already beginning to look like spring.  It's just funny to drive down a street with spring on one side and winter on the other :)  Spring will come to our side too eventually!
 I spent the afternoon today with friends in a "featured feet" class at Hi Fashion with Kari as the instructor.  It was FANTASTIC!  It was for Bernina sewing machines in particular, and I learned so much.  There will be three more classes this year and we are making a "Foot Book" which will showcase what we've learned while giving us practice as we make them.
Shown here is Kari's Foot Book.  I will post pictures of mine when I get it done.  We got pretty far today though - I just have one more page to do, then add the binding etc.

We made four pages total today.  We will add to this book with each class.  Thanks Kari for a fantastic class and learning experience!

Happy Sewing :)

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