Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wedding Barbie

My daughter Megan turned 25 this month, one day before my mother turned 79!  We were able to celebrate their birthdays, a little belatedly, with them this weekend.  It is always fun to celebrate birthdays with your loved ones.  No matter what age we are,  birthdays are always exciting :)

Megan got married a couple of years ago and recently my Aunt June sent her a Barbie doll for which she had hand crocheted a bridal gown!

While visiting this weekend I got to see it up close and personal and I tell you, it is truly a work of art!  Here are several pictures so you can get an idea of the stunning work, but the pictures do not even come close to doing it justice.

Note the necklace, puff sleeves, gloves and flower at the waist, not to mention the veil and the train (train detail above).  Truly the detail is incredible.

I think my Aunt June shares my love of dolls : )  Megan has also always loved dolls, so this gift is very fitting for her.  I remember my Aunt June standing in line to get a Cabbage Patch Kid for my oldest daughter back when those were all the craze.  There is just something wonderful and exciting about dolls.  I guess you never outgrow that, even if you don't play with them anymore!

My cousins (June's daughter's) and I used to play Barbies all the time when we were growing up.  We were very creative in our play, making household items for them etc.  Our mothers made clothes and other Barbie items for us as well.  Fun memories!  I STILL have some of those Barbies, which are almost 50 years old now!  Remember Malibu Barbie and Ken anyone?  Skipper?

Enjoy the details of these pictures and have fun reflecting on your own memories of dolls you used to play with as a child.

And THANK YOU Aunt June for sharing your beautiful art work!!

Happy Sunday and GO BRONCOS!!

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  1. AMAZING. It is true - while these are excellent pictures, this barbie bride is something to behold. I do have a love of dolls :) THANK YOU Aunt June.