Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Zentangle Fun and Happy Birthday Son!

My friend Lori read Sherida's newspaper column on Zentangle and decided to try it .... Now she's hooked!  (It is addicting, and very relaxing :)

This picture is her first attempt!  Wow!  One of the things that is cool about Zentangle is that is looks so amazing and "professional" without a lot of practice.  If you make a mistake, just incorporate it into the design!

Lori has already taken it to the next level.  Today in the mail I received this beautiful card. The Zentangle design in the center is only about 3"x4", so the detail is very fine and the addition of color is fantastic.  Thank you Lori!  I am hanging this up in my sewing room for inspiration!

I was driving to Hi Fashion today to buy a gift certificate for a friend's birthday and look what I saw in someone's front yard!  Cars were whizzing by every once in awhile and it didn't faze these deer at all.  They were very calm and unafraid, scratching through the snow to try and find food.  So pretty :)

Today is my "baby's" birthday!  This is my youngest son 22 years ago today!  Isn't he adorable?  He kind of looks like a wise little old man (with lots of great hair!) in this picture :)

Here he is today!  Still very wise, with great hair and very handsome :)  Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!!

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