Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools!!

I put up my Easter decorations yesterday!  For some reason it felt like I JUST put my March decorations up the day before yesterday.  Oh well.

I made this bunny quilt in 2006.  I was pretty proud of the machine quilting.  It's pretty densely quilted, but it does lie flat!

The Quilt Show Daily Blog has another great April Fools video posted today featuring Alex Anderson.  I was prepared this year!  Last year they really got me with the "unstitching" app designed by her son-in-law.  Still shaking my head that I fell for that.  But with technology these days you just never know....  Anyway head on over to thequiltshow.com and check that "folded quilting".  It is a good laugh :)

My wool banner for April - made last year.

I bought these miniature pom poms from Sue Spargo - they are so tiny!

This little quilt is one of Patrick Lose designs and I made it in a class at Quilter's Corner last year.  It's machine appliqué, not hand!  Goes against my grain.
Have a fun day and don't fall for too many jokes!

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