Friday, April 18, 2014

Sew Savvy Gardening

Gardening was the theme for the Sew Savvy club meeting at Hi Fashion last night.  Heather, Kari, Trista and Lorraine did an awesome job filling us up with great ideas, tips and new product information.  Show and Tell was awesome too, of course!
Trista made this pillow using her serger to make the lattice design.  She demonstrated how easy it was to do.

She also made this pillow, which I really like.  She machine embroidered the flowers and made them into a cute pillow, complete with crystals!

Another fun flower, garden themed pillow.  I believe Trista made this one as well.
Heather made these painted ceramic tile garden stakes for her mom for Mother's Day .... on the sewing machine!  She programmed the design on her Bernina (I think she said the program was called Design Works) and attached the color of Sharpie pins she wanted to use and the sewing machine draws the design on the tile!  Amazing. To make it permanent she baked them in the oven to set them.  She said that caused some "fumes" so she had to put her bird outside, which led to a very funny bird story....

Another pillow made by Trista.  One woman remarked that this pillow reminded her of those faux tuxedo shirts popular in the 1980's.  I thought, "Oh yeah!  I used to have one of those!"  Styles do come back around :) And then the "youngsters" think they invented it :)

 More garden tiles made by Heather.

Kari modeling her "egg apron".  She has chickens so she made an apron to gather the eggs in.

Heather also made a garden bucket that was really cute but I forgot to get a picture of it.  You'll have to go check it out at the store.

Here is Lorraine's contribution which I LOVED because it's so easy (except for the embroidery part which I don't do).  This farmer's market bag is made from a tea towel.  She just sewed up the sides and boxed the bottom and voila!  No hemming or anything.  I bought a couple of tea towels to try it out but I didn't look closely at how she did the handles, so I'm going to have to look at this a little closer when I go in for my Foot Class on Tuesday.

They gave away several door prizes and I was the lucky recipient of these garden gloves, pack of seeds and a little LED lantern.  I already used the garden gloves this morning when I picked weeds in my yard.  Sew Savvy Club was more fun than picking weeds....


  1. I like those pillows with the really big flowers!! Could you do different colors on the different layers? Alternate or something or would it no longer look like a flower?

    1. I think that would look cool! Great idea!