Saturday, June 7, 2014

It worked!!

"It worked" - That is what my daughter texted me this morning with this picture of the chenille baby quilt that she made for her friend's baby shower.  She picked out cute flannels and then long distance, over the phone, I explained to her how to make it.  She spent many hours sewing the diagonal lines and then while she was home for Memorial Weekend I taught her how to put on the binding and do the cutting through the top layers.  She finished hand stitching the binding at home, and the cutting, then washed and dried it and here are her soft, snuggly results!

Here she is with her friend, and the quilt, at the baby shower!  I hope her positive results will tempt her to make more quilts!  Last night, she called with a less successful story and said she may never make a quilt again. Oh no! This can't be!  I need someone to share my vast knowledge, oops, I mean stash with!

Her less successful story involved a quilt she is helping to make for her parents-in-law and not sewing an accurate quarter inch seam, which then throws off the rest of the piecing (and sizing) considerably.  She has a couple of options though and something will work out.  It is definitely a learning experience and we've all had those!  I need to sit down with her, at her machine, and figure out the best quarter inch seam guide - either the foot, moving the needle, or whatever we need to do.  Then her NEXT quilt will be a breeze!  Because there WILL be another quilt, right Megan??  My stash awaits....


  1. Well if your stash is on the line... :)

  2. Well if your stash awaits... :)

    1. What's mine is yours :) Come shopping in my fabric anytime!