Monday, June 23, 2014

The Beauty Around Us

Last week we traveled to Utah to celebrate Mike's parents' 62nd Wedding Anniversary!  Hurray for them and congratulations on a long and wonderful marriage and a great family :)

Today I was reading an article in the latest Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine called "From Photo to Quilt" by Susan Brubaker Knapp.  She said one of her favorite quotes is by Henry David Thoreau, "Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads."  Susan said that she loves this quote and that "I think it applies to inspiration too.  Sometimes the best ideas for art - the most amazing beauty - are right in front of you, if you are willing to slow down, and if you are emotionally and creatively open to the possibilities."  She said she takes her camera with her wherever she goes and hopes people ask themselves the question, "I wonder what I would find if I really looked around me?"

I just so happened to have snapped some interesting photos myself while we were traveling.  I find that since I started quilting, I notice texture, color and interesting shapes more than I used to.  Sometimes I snap photos just because something is unique and interesting looking to me.  My photos may never make it into a quilt, as a photo, but they may be inspiration for color, design or texture.

I love this red tree growing in front of Mike's parents' house.

We went to Utah State University for a concert on Sunday evening and I spotted this ivy growing up the side of the building - I had to get a picture!  It was just so interesting looking!

This is a photo my daughter Megan took while hiking with her husband on Saturday up in the Utah mountains.  Simply gorgeous - and very peaceful looking.

In the article, Susan said, "Here is my best advice:  Don't just look.  See.  I believe this is what separates really visually creative people from the masses.  You can learn this skill and become one of them."

I am still learning, but I enjoy looking AND seeing!

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