Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More Quilting Than Pins!

I officially have more quilting in the wedding quilt than safety pins, so I am definitely making progress!

Today I was reading an article in The Quilt Life magazine by Meg Cox called "The Global Quilt Quest". The article is about 89 year old Robert James and his quest (which he began with his late wife Ardis) to collect quilts from every country.  Their collection is stored at the International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln, Nebraska.  (That is on my "places to go" list!)  Bob and Ardis began their quest in the late 1970's and so far they have quilts from 40 countries.  He is frustrated that they don't have more and feels like they're "racing against time to an extent, because a lot of these traditions are no longer practiced."  But he says, "On the other hand, we're way ahead of anybody else."

What fascinated me is that pictured in the article is a quilt made by Jethiben Hathal from India.  Jethiben told them that when they marry, it is usual to receive 25 quilts in the dowry!  Wow!  I will be lucky to get this one done!  I'm not sure what my kids would do with 25 quilts anyway... Probably donate them to the International Quilt Study Center... If they would take them...

Pictured on the right is my gift from the City of Grand Junction today.  I pumped all of my change into that meter,  and was only 20 minutes late getting back to my car.  Too bad all of those extra minutes don't add up from when I got back to my car early!  I propose that they make parking meters so that you can swipe a prepaid car when you park and then when you get back, and it just subtracts the time you "spent".  Then you wouldn't have to mess with all that change or try to find some when you don't have enough.  Maybe they have a suggestion box at City Hall :)

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