Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saturday in the City

Yesterday I went to the Saturday in the City club at Hi Fashion where we are busy making the Tula Pink 100 Modern Quilt Blocks.  I'm sorry for the bad photos!  They turned out rather blurry.  Next time I will bring my camera instead of using my phone....
I thought it would be fun to show everyone's blocks though so you can see how different they are turning out.  I've said before that the blocks aren't difficult to make - choosing the fabrics is the hard part for me.  Some of the other ladies made the same comment, but as you can see by these blocks, everyone is doing a great job!

 These are Michelle's.  I told her I'm going to have her start coming over and choosing my fabrics!

These below are mine :)

These would be Dawn's.  I'm trying to remember the order we all sat!


Besides bringing my camera next time, I will write down whose are whose so I can give credit where credit is due!  These blocks are awesome and the quilts are going to be bright, colorful and fun!

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