Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some Quilterly Gifts

I celebrated a birthday recently!  I received many well wishes and lovely gifts, and celebrated with family eating my favorite Texas Sheet Cake :)

I thought I would share some of the more "quilterly" gifts that I received - just for fun!

My hubby gave me some canned air.  I know you're not supposed to use this to blow the dust and lint out of your sewing machine but .... sometimes I still do....  It is a great way to clean dust off of others things too though :)

My friend Pam made me a set of scrumptious looking napkins with her new embroidery machine.  She is pretty amazing at everything she makes.  She also gave me a set of handmade cards which are fabulous.
I think I need to have a homemade ice cream party now, and use these napkins!

Lori took a trip to Japan to visit her son and brought back some gorgeous Japanese fabric and a Sashiko thimble, which she sent me for my birthday!  This fabric is not only beautiful, it really feels nice.  I'm still deciding what I want to make with it but I will keep you posted!

Michelle took a trip to Russia and brought me back this beautiful porcelain thimble.  She toured the Imperial Porcelain Factory which was founded in 1774 by Empress Elizabeth.  The pattern on this thimble is call Cobalt Net and was created for Catherine the Great of Russia.  It is a "longtime best-selling china pattern featuring cobalt blue intersecting lines and teardrops with gold accents."  This makes an awesome addition to my thimble collection :)

My daughter Michelle gave me this box of sayings.  It looks like a little frame but you can change the sayings everyday.  There are dozens of cards with sayings on both sides, so oodles of inspiration!

I know this isn't quilterly but it goes with the chess table I posted about earlier.  My son who has been teaching me to play chess, gave me this book of problems and puzzles to help me get better.  I am REALLY enjoying chess and am slightly improving :)  My husband and I have a game going on the table constantly.  I have not won a game with him ... yet.

Marla gave me this great scrap quilt book with some really cool patterns that I am looking forward to making, while using up my stash!  She also gave me some fun Christmas prints fabric. Time to start working on Christmas things already!?

I'm sure you've heard of Jim Shore and his statues with quilt designs.  I have a few of his pieces and really like them.  My Mom gave me these for my birthday - an Amish couple with small Amish inspired quilts hanging behind them!  I love these!

Remember me posting the cute crocheted elephant that my daughter Megan made awhile back and I hinted at how much I would like one?  She made me one!  It's super cute!  We've discussed eyes and I may try some small black buttons, although it looks just as cute without any.  The following pictures show mine side by side with hers :)  This little elephant is so cute and she just made it without a pattern!  She gets those skills from my mother - it definitely skipped a generation!

So if we must get older and we all do, we may as well celebrate in style with family, friends, and fun!  It was a great birthday and I am thankful for my wonderful family and dear friends who helped me celebrate :)

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