Friday, August 8, 2014

A Commission!

I have been "commissioned", by my husband, to make a baby quilt for a co-worker.  Now a commission usually means that payment is involved right?  Hmmm.... that wasn't mentioned but I might be able to wrangle a dinner "out" out of the deal.  That's what I'm thinking.  Today I finished up one of the TQS blocks that I had started so that tomorrow I can dedicate some time to working on that baby quilt.  The TQS block has half-square triangles that finish at 1/2 inch!  I had to make about 96 of them!  Very tedious but kind of cool.
One more thing - a friend asked me today if I let my son and daughter-in-law pick out the colors, or the fabric, for their wedding quilt.  Actually, no, I did not.  It was a top that I had already finished and planned on using as a gift for a wedding.  I figured it was scrappy enough, has many colors and is kind of old-fashioned looking, so it will go with just about everything.  The quilt I made my daughter and son-in-law is a sampler and also has many different fabrics and colors.  That way if they ever change their color scheme - the quilt will still go with everything, right?
Here is a wedding quilt challenge that Bill Kerr told us about.  He said he and Weeks get commissions to make wedding quilts and also have made wedding quilts as gifts for their friends.  He said they have, on occasion, asked the bride and groom each, separately, to send them a yard of fabric that they really love, without showing each other what they.  Weeks' and Bill's challenge then is to put those two fabrics into the same quilt and make it look great!  He said only once was he tempted to put one of the fabrics only on the back - but he didn't :)  I actually really like this idea but I have a feeling it would be a lot harder than it sounds!

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