Sunday, August 17, 2014

Baby Quilt Finished!

I finished the quilt for my husband's co-worker's new baby girl.  The pattern is called Simply Spring by Linda Spiridon and appeared in the March 2014 issue of the American Quilter magazine.  The pattern is very well written so the quilt pieced together perfectly.  I had fun machine quilting it as well.  I did straight line stitches on the long strips, something I hardly ever do - I am more of a free-motion gal.  I did free-motion quilt the rest with curly cues and loops and hearts.  I used the Quilter's Dream Request batting - my new favorite and I washed the quilt so it's all soft and ready to be used by baby :) I hope they enjoy it.

Oh, and I already received my "payment" for my "commission" which was dinner out :)

Remember the elephant my daughter made me?  And we were debating on the eyes?  Well, I sewed some on mine yesterday and I think he looks cute!  I will be curious to hear what she thinks.  I have more buttons like this if she wants some for hers....
I also cleaned up my quilt studio yesterday - something I just have to do every once in awhile or it drives me crazy.  So I finished up little things like adding these eyes and repairing a skirt for my other daughter.  I felt like I accomplished a lot and that was nice :)

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