Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sunroom Complete

The Sunroom is finished!  The final inspection was yesterday, they tidied up the landscaping yesterday, the port-a-potty has been hauled away - Wow!  It's kind of hard to believe that after 2 1/2 months it's all done!  I have kind of gotten used to random people coming in and out of the yard and/or house all day and not knowing whether or not I will be able to get my car out of the garage, or back in....
Everyone has been so kind though, and helpful and overall it was a great experience and I am sure we will enjoy this room and it will have been worth all the effort.  There is still no furniture in the room.  I may have to post a couple more pictures when we get the cushions and some furnishings :)

In the meantime, I need to work on some projects!  I just about have the monthly minis finished for my daughters.  I'm just trying to get caught up on some things.  Maybe I should make a list of all of the UFOs I have and prioritize them....

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