Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pinning in the Sunroom

Yesterday I pinned a couple of quilts - in the sunroom!  It sure beats pinning in the garage :)
My hubby even helped me pin this one.

This is a napping quilt I made for some friends.  The napping quilt size is kind of in between a twin and a lap quilt.  I really like the size, even more than I thought I would.  I used a 60 inch wide backing fabric, so I did not have to piece it, as the quilt is 51 inches wide by about 76 inches long (perfect for a nap, or curling up with a good book).  I used my new favorite batting Quilter's Dream Request.  You have to "request" it at our local shops because they don't normally carry it.  Lorraine at Hi Fashion is good about keeping me in supply though - she lets me know when she's ordering :)

This quilt was made by Gini from the CO West Quilter's Guild.  She donated it to be sold at a quilt show next March and needed a volunteer to quilt it.  It was time I volunteered to do something for the guild so I will be quilting it.  It's a beautiful quilt!  I will post better pictures of both quilts once I get them quilted.

The napping quilt pattern was found in this Modern Quilts magazine by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle - issue #2.  It's called "Best of Both Worlds".  It went together really nicely! The top and bottom borders though - the half-inch sections - took as long to piece as the entire rest of the quilt!  I am excited to quilt this one and gift it to our friends.  I hope they like it!

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