Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Interesting Sculptures at Whiting Mills

We saw some very interesting sculptures at the Whiting Mills Art Building in Winston, CT.  They were hanging, or floating sculptures.  This first one was made of small pieces of metal.  It looked like fishing line was used to float the pieces of metal to make the sculptures.  Very unique and interesting.  Apparently these sculptures won prizes in a competition somewhere - but I did not quite get the whole story.

The dragon was made with buttons and beads.  If you look closely you will see that the dragon has a broken heart.  The gentlemen in the model railroad store turned on the lights and the fans which caused the sculptures to move a bit - very pretty.

Thousands of gold buttons make up the dragon.

This one was made of small pieces of wood.  I can't even imagine how someone dreamed up these sculptures and then created them.  It would take hours and hours, plus hours and hours to recreate every time you move them!  They are beautiful though.

Very fun place to visit!

Another beautiful picture of Connecticut.

Have a happy Fall day :)

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