Sunday, November 9, 2014

Road Trip Anyone?

My husband and I took a little road trip yesterday which brought us right through Moab, Utah.  I had heard there was a quilt store there so we had to stop and see.  Sure enough, It's Sew Moab is conveniently located just off the main street - very easy to find.

What I discovered is a very nice quilt store with a bran new owner!

The new owners are just getting settled in, not only to the store but to Moab, as they just moved there from Maryland.  Quite a change for them!  Debbie graciously allowed me to take some pictures to share on my blog.  This is the nice classroom space they have in the back of the store.  Debbie plans to offer classes, open sew, and wants to incorporate garment construction classes and classes for kids as well.  She also has a leaning towards art quilts and is going to have wall space designated for her customers to hang quilts for sale.

Here is new owner Debbie.  She said she is very excited to be in Moab and about the new store.  Her husband was there working too - both were excited to be "out West"!

Quilted Moab is a quilt retreat coming up in February 2015, the 18th through the 21st featuring Marie Ullery from Ribbon Candy Quilt Company.  There will be lots of prizes, exciting classes, great teachers and quilt vendors.  For more information go to:

Registration has already begun!

Debbie told me this is "Moab Man", a petroglyph found nearby Moab that has become the iconic symbol of their town.

The inventory is rather low at the moment because the previous owner had sold off most of her inventory and having to decided to sell last April had not ordered new fabric in.  Debbie and her husband are busy ordering to get the store re-stocked.

I like this sign!  Often I have a list of things I need to do BEFORE I can treat myself to some quilting time.  Sometimes I think it just needs to be the other way around :)

Have a nice Sunday!

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