Monday, December 8, 2014

Sewing Room Withdrawals

I have been so busy since we got home that I haven't been in my sewing room all week and wasn't of course the week before either, so I am going through withdrawals.  I have BIG plans to get in there today and get to work on the last four monthly minis that I would like to get done before Christmas.  Just for fun I picked a few more pictures from our trip.

Here are some of my kids in the Lego Store.  doesn't this kind of look like a quilt?

I love how Disneyland goes all out decorating for the holidays.  There were poinsettias everywhere and they weren't just set there, they were planted in the ground.

I haven't ridden a carousel for years but did twice this time!  This is the Little Mermaid ride in the CA Adventure park.

I saw some quilt designs at the Small World ride too!

Friday night I went to a Quilty Pleasures meeting at the new Busy Bea Quilt store.  Everyone could go to this first meeting to check it out and see what it was all about.  It will be a monthly meeting for those who join this club - it sounds like it will be mostly informational (what's new in the way of merchandise and classes) and there will be some shopping perks as well.  Since my goal for 2015 is to work on and finish projects I have already started I did not join at this time but it looked like several people did so they should have a great time!

On Saturday I helped out at the Barnes and Noble Book Fair for the CO West Quilt Guild.  The woman in charge of this does a fabulous job sharing with the community about our guild and what we do.  If the shoppers mention our guild when they check out the guild gets a little of the proceeds so it's a nice fundraising effort as well.  The guild handed out free handmade bookmarks and had a drawing for some cute Christmas stockings made by guild members.
We ate one of these delicious Olaf caramel apples and ...

We saw the light show at CA Adventure.  Fun times!

Now off to work so I can get up to my sewing room today!  Have a good one :)

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