Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Dinosaur House and an Irish Hat

I mentioned before that my friend Michelle is making card table playhouses for her grandchildren.  Here is the second one she finished, made out of the Stonehenge dinosaur fabric!  I think it turned out amazing!  I love all of the detail she added to it, such as the giant buttons, the windows, curtains and shingles - so cute!

She said that two of her littlest grandchildren were afraid at first to go in this one!  They soon got over it however and were happily playing inside.

The first picture shows the front door rolled up - this shows it closed, with a pretty dinosaur panel.

 I asked Michelle if I could take a picture of her husband's hat.  Her daughter visited Ireland several years ago and brought her dad back an Irish hat which he wore until he wore it out.  A couple of years ago I brought Michelle and Lori back some squares of wool from our Ireland trip.  I posted pictures a few days ago of the pillows Lori made.  Awhile ago, David, Michelle's husband asked if he could use some of her wool squares to make himself a new hat.  And he did!  I am so impressed that he made his own hat!  It looks fantastic.

Here is my husband, in Ireland, wearing the hat we bought for him.  I don't know if I'd ever be able to make one and have it turn out as nice as David's :)

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