Sunday, January 18, 2015

Friendship Warms the Heart

I've only had three responses so far on the "to wash or not to wash" debate.  Two definitely wash quilts before gifting, one likes the "crinkled look" and the other said the quilts definitely look better after their washed.  The third agreed more with me, that they look a little "used" after washing.  So right now it's a tie - 2-2.  Any other opinions??

A friend of mine traveled to Lancaster, PA this past holiday season and visited an Amish quilt shop (among a lot of other fun things).  She and her family had a great time and she brought back this little star decoration for me "just because"!  She said it made her think of me.  I was so touched.  Quilts definitely do warm the heart and so does friendship. I'm so grateful for my friends, who always keep my heart warm :)

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