Friday, February 13, 2015

Organization is Key

Yesterday I attended Sew Savvy at Hi Fashion and "organization" was the word of the day!  Those who work there gave us some great tips on organizing, everything from your sewing room and sewing supplies to the desktop on your computer.  It was great - I enjoyed it!

I snapped a few pictures of new books and fabrics on display and also got a couple of shots of some of the show and tell items.  I was sitting in the back so I only got a few this time.

Heather made this cute Valentine tea towel.

An Edyta Sitar fat quarter bundle!  And more Kansas Troubles fabric.  I need to do something with the stash I already have of that.

Since organization was the word of the day, there were a lot of sewing type storage boxes on sale at a great price.  I almost bought one, but ended up buying a pair of Karen Kay Buckley perfect scissors instead!

Nice new lines of fabric - I was especially drawn to the Molly B's Basics (middle).

Some very nice show and tell pieces.

Michelle showed me a Zentangle that her granddaughter Brynne had started.  She's only 10 years old!  I like that it's something for all ages :)

OK, this was Lorraine's tip for storing her monthly minis.  I took a picture so my daughters and daughter-in-law can see an idea for how to store theirs.  Lorraine is using one of those cheap pant hangers that you sometimes get when purchasing a pair of pants (they will usually let you keep the hanger if you ask), and hanging half on one side and half on the other.  Keeps them straight and out of the way in a closet.  She put a plastic bag over the top of the hanger too, to keep them dust free. Note that they're hanging upside down so the metal hangers are not in the way.

Great tips and a fun Sew Savvy!

I worked on Dear Jane today - can't wait to show my blocks :)

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