Sunday, February 22, 2015

So Sweet

I love seeing quilts I've made being used.  It warms my heart :)

I had big plans yesterday.  I was going to get the rest of those larger mini wall hangings traced onto the backs of the background fabric, in preparation for back basting hand appliqué.  (I have six more to make).  My plan was to get the tracing done before lunch, and then after lunch I was going to quilt the three that I have pinned and ready.  My husband was working all day and I had nothing else going on, so I planned to get a lot done.  Well, I worked on them all day (while listening to Hallmark movies) but the tracing took way longer than I planned, so  while I got all six patterns drawn out, I only got four traced onto the fabric, and none quilted....  Ah well.... I still got a lot done!
And I had a really nice evening with my book club group :)

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