Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Daughter Has a Stash!

We quilters know that having a "stash" is a good thing, right?  We have fabric stashes, thread stashes, tool stashes - whew!  Too much to think of really.  Well, my youngest daughter sent me this picture the other day while trying to organize her stash!  I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree :)  She however has yarn stash as well, because she crochets.  Good luck dear daughter, it's probably only going to get bigger....
Speaking of dear daughter, I finally finished quilting her comforter.  I will never try to quilt another comforter again.  It was a learning experience in the fact that I learned that you should NOT try to quilt a comforter on a domestic sewing machine.  Take it to a long arm quilter!
It was my own fault.  I thought I could do it!  I used wool batting to make it "poofy" and while pinning it I decided that one layer of wool batting would not make it poofy enough.  It would be too much like a quilt and not enough like a comforter, so I added another layer of wool batting.  Try pushing a queen sized comforter with two layers of wool batting through your home sewing machine!  Then I thought quilting circles would be fun, but when pushing that bulk through the machine, it was pretty much impossible to get circles to look like circles and not squished balls.  So Hubby and I spent nine hours removing circle quilting.....
I still wanted the circle look though so next I tried loopy loops, which look like circles but are not expected to be "perfect" circles, thankfully.  It really turned out OK after all of that.  It still kind of looks more like a quilt than a comforter, but here is a picture of it on her bed and it looks great!  The picture above is one side and the picture to the left is the reverse side so she can use it either way.  She picked out great colors, her seams were straight and lovely, she did a beautiful job piecing it all together.  Her mother just needed to learn her limitations as far as the quilting goes :)
She has a great idea too for the bed skirt that she found on Pinterest.  Can hardly wait to see it!
(Oh and in appreciation for the quilting, she gave me a delicious loaf of homemade bread, raspberry jam and some "Birthday Suit Apple Juice" - yummy!!)

Back to stash building!  Have a great day!

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  1. Haha!! Yep - the stash has already expanding its original limit like 3 times. It doesn't help that grandma keeps getting rid of yarn - where does she keep it?! I didn't realize you and dad spent nine hours ripping out circles! I should've gotten you a much better gift!!