Monday, May 25, 2015

Along the Spice Route

Along the Spice Route was a special exhibition at the Denver Quilt Show, curated by Ann Reardon and Paula Golden.

Quest For The Nutmeg by Nancy Oldham

Mustard Seeds by Linda Thoma Cooper

 Ajwain by Bunnie Jordan

Nigella by Sandy Curran

Banda Niera-Nutmeg by Karen Starnes

Mustard Seed (Western Asia) by Susan Fox Price

Cardamom by Starla Phelps

Banda Island Sunset-Nutmeg by Anita McLarin

Cinnamon by Rosalyn Lester

The following were small 9 inch by 12 inch quilts hanging on a rope across the exhibit so I am not sure who made them, but I really like the art and the use of embellishments.

Happy Memorial Day.  A huge thank you to our military and our veterans and their families!!

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