Sunday, May 24, 2015

Next Time You Are In Denver....

Next time you're in Denver you should go get ice cream at Little Man.  It is definitely a tasty experience, not to be missed!  It's close to the downtown area :)  I think the flavors I chose were 16th Street Chocolate and Chocolate Cupcake.  Yes, I do love chocolate!

 Back to quilts!  More from the Denver show:

Ammonite Garden II by Kimberly Lacy
Best Colorado Quilt

Fantasy Flowers at Dusk by Jeanne M. Knudsen

Shadow Flowers by Dorothy Raymond

 Uragh Stone Circle by Denise Labadie

Japanese Spring by Donna Mae Norris

Monastic Ruin at Glendalough by Denise Labadie

(This was fun to see because I've been here before!  It's in Ireland :)

Spirit Rock by Linda H. MacDonald

Up or Down by Denise Labadie

(The stairwell from a very old stone ruin.)

Colorado Sunshine by Barb Gardner

Elements by Sue Wilson

Lines of Symmetry by Louisa L. Smith

Creation by Jane King

Purple Salsa with a Touch of Lime
by Barb Gardner

Most of these quilts were from the SAQA (Studio Art Quilters Association) exhibit and came from Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

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