Monday, May 4, 2015

So Many Pictures!!

Every time I go to a quilt show I say to myself, "I am only going to take pictures of the quilts I REALLY like."  And I do - I just like SO many that I take a ton of pictures.  The next few days I am going to share some pictures from the Denver National Quilt Show.  Hope you enjoy!

Tempting Sunflower Seeds by Jacquelynn Berry

Window to Enchantment by Jean Brueggenjohann

Detail of Window to Enchantment

Gran Fiesta Roja by Lynn Droege, Ibby Rollert and Sandi M

Hosta on Fire by Charmaine Erickson

(I just learned what a Hosta is - we have some in our garden :)

Haiku for the Bees by Genny Guracar

Aspen Approximation by Susan Kappes

Detail - very nice machine quilting

Wind and Wildfire
by Barbara McElroy

For all of you landscape artists out there:

Havasu Falls by Kathy McNeil

This quilt is absolutely gorgeous and I noticed in an email from AQS today that Kathy McNeil has a new quilt book out on landscape quilts!

Check it out on her website at:

Dragon Tale by Linda Bergmann

Dragon Tale detail - very nice machine quilting in this one as well.

Parker Lake Cabin by Ellen Palmer (detail of quilting below)

Knitter at Sillustani, Peru by Ruthanne Rocha

This quilt is hand appliquéd, machine pieced and quilted.  It almost looks like the knitter is real and sitting in front of the quilt!

Oh Feather My Stars and Dot my Dots
by Karin Scanlon

This is also a hand appliquéd, machine pieced and quilted original design.  How fun is this?

More to come!!

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