Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Machine Quilting at it's Finest!

I did make one Dear Jane block yesterday.  I'm moving kind of slowly the past couple of weeks because I have a lot of other stuff going on.  My hubby and I went out and looked at BBQ's last night too.  Grilled food is sounding yummy!

I'm still in awe of these quilts from the HMQS in Salt Lake.  Here are a few more:

Flying with Auntie M by Karla Irby

I really, really like this one.

Montana Stars and Log Cabins
by Calli Baker and quilted by Patti O'Connor

 Manchester Star by Linda Thielfoldt won first place in the "Off the Bed" category.  The quilting on this one is pretty amazing.

Belle off the Bed by Brenda Bell

Another of my favorites....
Vintage Vibe by Amber Johnson.  It was quilted by someone else though and I cut off the name when I took the picture below.  Pretty amazing quilting....

Look at the quilting on this one!!!!

Me and My Shadow
by Vicki Ruebel

And this one!!

Rings Around the Flowers
by Diane Wingo won a Teacher's Choice award.

Aren't these amazing??

Petit Four by Lisa H. Calle

Check out Hilary Florence's Quilting Workshop blog for some great machine quilting ideas!  Thanks to Sheila for this information.  There are some creative people out there!  I need to practice, practice, practice!


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  1. Karen, tried to find your email address but couldn't. Thank you so much for posting pictures of the HMQS. I had two entries and lived too far away to attend the show. Thank you for taking a picture of my "Rings around the Flowers" quilt especially with the teachers ribbon. Is there anyway you would attached it to an email so I could print it out? diane dot wingo10 at Comcast dot net It would really make my day. Did you happen to have a picture of my other one "Circle is Broken" it won 2nd in Traditional/Custom? I love your Dear Jane blocks. Following by email