Monday, June 1, 2015

This is it!

Here are the last of the pictures I took at the Denver Quilt Show.

This one is called Molly's Big Bright Flowers
by Torie Anderson.  

Uncharted by Catherine Baltgalvis

It's the Journey births Charity

Gaits of Lake Hodges by Mary Tabar

One Man's Dream by Linda Anderson

Tour de Apple Valley by Carolyn Villars

Torie Uncivilized by Torie Anderson

 Left Behind by Barbara Tinsman

Grandmother's Flower Garden by Helen Aponte

I finished two more Dear Jane blocks and hope to work on some more tomorrow.
On Wednesday our Little Bits group is having our summer birthday luncheon.  We have six summer birthdays out of nine in the group!  We quit giving gifts a long time ago as it was just too much, so we give cards instead.  I was counting up how many cards I needed to go buy and realized that a fat quarter costs less than a greeting card and would be much more fun to give to a quilter!  So off to the quilt store I went to buy some birthday fat quarters!

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