Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Row by Row H2O

Have you heard of the Row by Row Experience?  It is like a giant quilt shop hop, including all 50 states and Canada too!  According to their website:
You travel, shop, collect patterns and add rows to your quilt from all over!  Apparently this started in 2011 in the state of New York and has since grown to include all of the United States and Canada, with many quilt shops participating.
Lorraine and Angie at Hi Fashion have designed a fantastic row for our area.  You can see their row and buy kits (or patterns are free) at Hi Fashion.

You can also buy this cool license plate fabric there.  Each participating shop comes up with their own "license plate" and has it printed on fabric.  These can be purchased to add to the back (or front) of your quilt to show where you've traveled to collect your row patterns.  This fabric illustrates some license plates from years past. So Lorraine got me started and then.....

While traveling through Utah this past week visiting family, we stopped at five different quilt shops to pick up their Row by Row patterns.  This one came from the Bernina store in Logan, Utah - The Bear Lake Monster! (below) and their license plate (left)

My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop in Logan has a beachy flip flop row and a cute "We Flip 4 Sewin" license plate to go with it.

I really like the Sew Bloomin' row from Davidene's Quilt Shop in Park City, Utah.  A lot of these flowers are three dimensional.  She was all out of kits - said she'd sold over 250 already!

We also stopped by Elaine's - one of my favorite quilt shops - in Salt Lake City and picked up The Great Salt Lake Regatta pattern, as well as their cute license plate.

And last but not least, we stopped by The Cornwagon Quilt store in Springville - another of my favorites - and picked up their Funky Cabin pattern, which was completely different!  Whereas the others I've seen are more summer scenes with water - this one is a winter scene and instead of being made from fabric, it is made with wool!  So, there you go - you can go just about anywhere you want with these Row by Row patterns!  I'm thinking that Sew Bloomin' pattern would look cute in wool too!

And if you make a quilt using at least 8 rows from participating shops and are the first to turn it in to a participating shop, you win 25 fat quarters! And if you use that shop's row in your quilt you win a bonus prize!

My Girlfriend's had a quilt turned in already! (Cute border fabric....I wonder where she got it?)

So, without traveling too far, I already have six patterns!  So if you're going to be out traveling, check out the Row by Row patterns in the quilt stores you'll be near - it's pretty fun! (My husband was kind of even getting into it!)

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