Saturday, August 22, 2015

Back in the Quilt Studio!

I finally, after more than two weeks, made it back into my quilt room yesterday to work on some projects!  I was seriously going through quilting withdrawals.

I put the binding on and finished up this little wool frame that I made at Wool Gatherer's last month.  I now have 12 small wool pieces to work on that will go inside the "frame" and can be switched out monthly.  This measures about 10"x14".

Today I started quilting another baby quilt!  This is the last one I have pieced and ready to quilt - for now!  I love this quilt :)  And I loved working on it today.  You know how patterns say "quilt as desired" and kind of leave you hanging?  This pattern actually had a very good picture on the front, of their sample quilt, that showed the quilting really well.  I liked it, so followed that plan and had fun quilting it on my new machine!

You can't tell too well in this picture, but I did a little ruler work for the first time!  I enjoyed it!  I think there is a special foot for ruler work though that would make it even easier.  I need to check into that....

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