Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Quilt Till You Wilt!

I have spent the last several days working on quilting this quilt for my friend.  If you remember, she asked me to recreate an old quilt she had on her bed for the last 20 years or so.  I drafted out the pattern, made the quilt, hand appliquéd all of the petals and centers on, and then it was ready to quilt!  And that is where I stalled out a bit....

I quilted several baby quilts to get used to my new machine, which I think was a good idea.  Then I printed out pictures of the blocks and did some drawing on them to audition ideas.  Once I thought I had a good plan, I began quilting.  Surprisingly I used very few of the ideas I had drawn out on the pictures!  They just didn't work as well with the actual quilting, so I still have a learning curve on that process :)

I did have to do a little bit of "unquilting" but not too much, and overall I am very pleased with the result!
I definitely quilted until I wilted on some days in a big push to get it finished and hopefully sent off to my friend some time in the next couple of days.

Here is the quilt all quilted, squared up and ready to bind! (I actually sewed the binding on this morning.)

Now for hand sewing the binding down, trimming threads and washing.

I quilted feathers in the white areas and you can't see it, but ribbon candy in the blue areas.  I'll take a picture of the back before I send it off - you can see the quilting better.

Have a wonderful, productive day :)

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