Monday, September 21, 2015

The Happy Mistake

This is quite a quilt story and I hope I tell it right! Michelle took a class from Crystal North at Quilt Fest on making this Christmas wreath.  They were using the Accuquilt cutting system and Crystal asked for someone to let her demonstrate on their fabric - Michelle volunteered.  After Crystal cut - oops!  The bow was supposed to be red and the leaves were supposed to all be green, but I think it looks great like this and Michelle was pleased with it as well!  She said in class they called it the "happy mistake".  The story doesn't end there.  Crystal had given everyone a foam core board with batting on it, sort of a mini design wall and Michelle had her wreath on it so it wouldn't get wrinkled or messed up on the way home.  While loading our bags and sewing machines in her car, she set the foam core board, with the quilt top on it, on top of her car.  Neither of us noticed it as we finished loading and got in the car and drove away!  After she got all the way home, Michelle realized what had happened.  She emailed Crystal and told her what happened and .... happily, someone had found it in the parking lot and given it to Crystal, so she is going to mail it to Michelle!  This quilt isn't even done yet and it's already had quite a journey!

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