Saturday, October 17, 2015

Quilty Things

I love it when my kids send me quilty pictures or information!  My daughter-in-law sent me this picture of this amazing cake.  It's hard to believe it's even edible, yet it looks delicious!  I love it!

Yesterday my son sent an article entitled
"The Man Who Kept a Quilt for 70 Years"

It's a story about a British man whose family received a quilt from the United States in a care package in 1941.  It's a very touching story about how much that act of kindness, and that quilt meant to them, and how his mother, and then he has treasured the quilt all these years.
We've all given away quilts and we just never know how they touch the lives of those who receive them.  Read the story at the link above and keep on quilting!

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