Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Postage Stamp Quilt

I finished putting the Postage Stamp quilt together yesterday!  I took it with me to my miniature quilt group (Little Bits) meeting to get quilting advice from the expert hand quilters in the group, because I am kind of itching to hand quilt something after taking that class at Quilt Fest.  Their expert advice?  Not to hand quilt it!  I see what they're saying - look at the gazillion seams in this quilt - absolutely best to machine quilt it.

Here it is pre-border.  I was toying with the idea of not putting any borders on it at all but my friend Michelle reminded me that I'd have to have a perfect quarter in binding in order to not mess up the outside cornerstone nine patches and ruin the symmetry.

I ended up going with this gold border with a quarter inch flange, in the same fabric as the cornerstone nine patches.

Now for the machine quilting!  Then it will be nice to check off one more UFO from my list :)

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