Monday, November 9, 2015

A 65 Year Old Wedding Cake Topper

Last week my miniature quilt group - the Little Bits - met to enjoy each others' company and work on our little "mini Me" people (more on those later!)  As always, we have some great show and tell items!

This bag was made and shown by Eleanor.  I love the bright colors and fun design!

Annie surprised us by showing the cake topper from her wedding 65 years ago! She and Al are still going strong!  They are traveling to California soon to attend a grandson's wedding and that is what prompted her to pull out the cake topper from her own wedding cake so long ago.  Someone made it for them evidently, because the little bride is dressed in fabric from Annie's wedding dress!

Our wedding cake topper was blown glass - very beautiful.  I used to display it on a bookcase we had and alas, one of my kids broke it, so it is long gone.  We have pictures though!

Kathy shared these two quilt tops that she has ready to quilt.  Interestingly she uses no batting, just a top and a backing.  She likes them very light weight, but she does "quilt" or stitch them together. It was pointed out though that they technically cannot be called a quilt because by definition a quilt has three layers.  So I guess they would be called a blanket, or coverlet....

You learn something new everyday :)

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