Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I Am Not a Baker....

It seems that if I decide to bake something for someone else, it's doomed to fail.  I don't know why!  If I'm baking it for me or my husband, everything usually turns out OK, but not if I'm trying to bake for someone else.  Today I am trying to bake some small bread loaves to give for the holidays.  Currently most of the dough is sitting burnt on the bottom of my oven because I filled the pans too full and they overflowed.  My house smells of burnt poppy seed bread, not of delicious poppy seed bread as it SHOULD smell, and now I have to start over, when I'd rather be in the sewing room!

The photo above is of the back of the Postage Stamp quilt.  You can see the "swirl hook with petals" a little better from the back!

It's 25% off of all notions at Hi Fashion this week!  I bought a new free motion quilting book that is full of new ideas and inspiration!

After I finished sewing the binding on the Postage Stamp quilt I covered up in while I finished watching the program I was watching.  My husband snapped a photo.  This quilt is warm!  It has wool batting!

Back to baking.  Maybe I'll pretend that everything I'm baking is for me!  Then who knows?  Maybe it will turn out :)

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