Sunday, December 6, 2015


I finally re-quilted the Postage Stamp quilt, that we spent so much time unpicking the original quilting on just before Thanksgiving.  I guess I am not a straight line person, but a curvy, free motion gal!  Hmmm.... I wonder if that's any indication of my personality?
If you look closely, you will see the "swirl hook" with some petals added on for variety.  Oh and I did do some straight line quilting in the border, with the ruler!  I have to say the free motion quilting is still more fun to do.  I used wool batting in this one because I initially planned on hand quilting it, but my hand quilting friend talked me out of it because of all the seams! I am happy enough with the results, so no more unpicking on this one - just have to sew the binding on!

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  1. All the stitch ripping out was worth it:) Congratulations on another amazing quilt!