Tuesday, May 31, 2016

More HMQS!

Bountiful Blessings
pieced and quilted by Judy Powell

Mimi's View
pieced by Beth Nuder
quilted by Clem Buzik

This quilt makes you just want to step into it, out on the patio by the ocean!

Her inspiration was a painting by John Zaccheo - design permission given.

Garden Windows
pieced, hand appliquéd and hand embroidered by Natalie Furrey
quilted by Karolyn Nubin Jensen

Wool batting....

Honorable Mention Award

A Bit Outside my Box
pieced and quilted by Laura Wertwijn

The Disintegration of the Persistence of Artichokes
pieced and quilted by Sylvia Schaefer

Quilted on her domestic Bernina machine!

Nine Blocks
pieced and quilted by Marie Eldredge

Artist's statement: "Sometimes there is order where there is no order.  These nine blocks found their place and left plenty of room for the quilting to make order of things.

Honorable Mention Award

The quilting on these quilts is truly stunning.  I would have a very difficult time being a judge, wouldn't you??

Monday, May 30, 2016


First of all, Happy Memorial Day and I want to express my thanks for all who've served or are currently serving our country in the armed forces, to protect us and safe guard our freedoms.  I am grateful to them and their families!

Here are a couple of things I finished this weekend.  I was able to finish the month of June's Plain and Fancy block already, thanks to Hi Fashion for letting me pick it up a couple of days early :)

I also completed one more little Brazilian embroidery block!  Just two more to go and then I will figure out how to make them into a little flower sampler quilt.

It's a beautiful day so we went out for a bike ride along the river!

I hope you enjoy your day :)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Beautiful Day!

That Secret
made and quilted by Denise Havlan

Includes hand and machine appliqué, painting, embroidery and machine quilting.

Received an Honorable Mention award.

Birds Fly
made and quilted by Barbara E. Lies

The swirls are all open work - you can kind of see it in the photo below, where you also see that Barbara won an Honorable Mention award for this quilt!

Aurora Borealis
made and quilted by Peggy Marquardt

Original design with florescent thread colors on a black background.

Aunt Millie's Garden
pieced by Shalyse S. Larsen
quilted by Jennifer Ashton

These Piece 'O Cake patterns never go out of style and with the different fabrics they all look so different!

I enjoyed golfing with my hubby yesterday!  The weather was perfect!

Looks like another beautiful day today - enjoy it  :)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Claudia Pfeil

I was clearly smitten with this quilt, Paradox, by Claudia Pfeil.  Once again the machine quilting is extraordinary.  In her artist's statement, pictured below, it doesn't state whether she quilted it on a longarm or not, but I am guessing that she did.

Enjoy the pictures!

Look! Even the back is stunning!  No, I didn't touch it, there was a "white glove lady" standing nearby that showed us the back :)

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Quilted Beauties

I went to get eggs out of my fridge last night to make egg salad sandwiches for dinner and I found these!  No, they didn't come from the store that way, it was my dear, sweet hubby :)  I love him too!

Not Gram's Bear Paw!
made and quilted by Peggy Marquardt

The quilting on this quilt is absolutely stunning.  It was in the Computerized Category, so does that mean it's digitized?  I do not know anything about computerized quilting.

A Touch of Blue is a whole cloth quilt made by Rachelle Denneny from Australia.  It is free motion machine embroidered and quilted on a domestic machine!  She used blue thread for the machine embroidery and white for the quilting.  She has also made a miniature of the same design.
This quilt was stunning and the pictures do not really do it justice.  I think it's just hard to photograph a whole cloth quilt.

Really 'Wild' Flowers! Third Season
made and quilted by Sharon Schlotzhauer (she's from Monument, Colorado)

This quilt contains her "signature open-centered flowers" which I found really fascinating.  (See photo below)  There are pieced prairie points around the center too.

made and quilted by Ann Horton

I found this quilt fascinating because, although it's hard to see in the picture, the tree and tree branch are quilted in the background and are holding up the nest, which it appliquéd and painted.  And the name of the quilt is quilted in on the left.  Very clever - I love it!

She said, "This quilt suggests both the seen and unseen aspects of the Creator's care."

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Another One Finished!

I quilted another baby quilt yesterday!  It turned out way better than I thought it would.  I wasn't thrilled with the top, but once I got it quilted and the orange binding on, I really like it!

I resorted to Angela Walter's Swirl Hook quilting design which I've used several times before.  I am so used to it now that I didn't even tense up while quilting, I just got in the groove and relaxed and enjoyed it.

I think Dear Jane, which is next, will be a tension inducing quilting experience. (I should be more positive and tell myself I'm going to enjoy it!)

I put a cream colored minkie, or cuddle fabric on the back.  It's so soft and pretty, but talk about MESSY.  I must've used a dozen lint roller sheets to clean up my cutting table and clothes!

Off to buy some thread for Dear Jane!

Oh on this quilt I used Aurafil thread and Quilter's Dream Request batting.  Loved quilting with the Aurafil.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Check This Out!!

My friend Terry sent me this picture! What?? Isn't this quilt fun?  It looks like you can walk through a maze right on the bed.  It's very 3D - I love it!

My friend Kim sent me an amazing picture of some dresses her Mom knitted back in the 1940's.  You must check these pictures out and her story on her blog:


And.... I actually finished something yesterday!  I quilted one of the baby quilts that I'd pinned, sewed the binding on and then did the hand sewing while I had a nice visit on the phone with my Mom!  It was nice to finish something!

I put these soft pink and white strip minkie on the back and did an all over flower design with Superior Magnifico thread.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Feast for the Eyes!

I just can't get over the machine quilting in these quilts - it's like a work of art all on its own.

Memories in the Stars
pieced by Marita Wolf
quilted by Diane Wingo

Rose's Red Roses
pieced and quilted by Kathy Parker

Cache of Carats

pieced by Gail Stepanek
quilted by Jan Hutchison

The entire quilt top consists of hand pieced 1/2 inch English paper pieced diamonds.  Jan quilted a different design for each block.

The piecing and the quilting in this quilt are amazing!  The photos do not do it justice.

See what I mean?  Are you having to pick your jaw up off the floor yet?

Magenta Magic
pieced by Janet Knapp
quilted by Judi Madsen

It was quilted with Kimono silk thread and two layers of batting - Hobbs 80/20 and a blend of cotton and wool.

Hmmm.... I just pinned Jane with a thin batting because all of the piecing makes the quilt so heavy already, but most of these nicely machine quilted quilts have two battings!  Now I'm not sure what to do....

The Big Bang
pieced by Kathie Beltz
quilted by Mara Novak

(quilted on a longarm)

Look at all the secondary designs the quilting creates!

Let's Do the Dresden Twist
pieced and quilted by Teri Cherne

Again - two battings - Hobbs 80/20 and Polydown

Well I am going to work on quilting a baby quilt today while I re-think the batting in Dear Jane.  That would be a lot of work to un-pin and re-pin....