Monday, May 9, 2016

Celebrate a Day!

One of the exhibits at HMQS was "Celebrate the Day With Quilts - an Art Quilt Challenge".
"53 artists from seven states made 72 amazing quilts celebrating some of the random, less well known holidays that occur throughout the year."

I enjoyed this exhibit immensely and took pictures of some of the quilts that reminded me of our family in some way.

Nerd Pride Day by Kathy Lincoln - May 25th

(OK, this one reminds me of pretty much everyone in our family, and we are proud to be nerdy!  Now we can celebrate our nerdiness on May 25th :)

Sewing Machine Day by Ann Weaver - June 13th

(This one reminds me of me, my Mom and most of my friends! - those of us who upgrade our sewing machines more often than we upgrade our computers :)

World Motorcycle Day by Meghan Hurley - June 21st

(This one reminds me of my brother, who works for Ducati.  I hope he gets to take his Italy motorcycle trip this summer :)

Hammock Day by Denise Werkheiser - July 22nd

(This reminds me of Mike and Megan mostly - but really who wouldn't want to take a nap, or read a good book, in a hammock?)

Watermelon Day by Carlene Halsing - August 3rd

(This reminds me of our area because we're not too far from the famous Green River watermelons, and Michelle, because when she was little she loved eating "waterwoman"!)

Book Lovers Day by Susan Grancio - August 9th

(This reminds me of me most definitely, as well as my family.  We all love to read and share good books.  When the kids were growing up we read together as a family a lot.  We read the whole Harry Potter series together and now two of the kids are reading it again with their spouses.  We love books and love to read!)

Middle Child Day by Shannon Shirley - August 12th

(This one is for Jeff, Megan, Landon, Jessie, Mike and all of those who fall into the middle child category somewhere :)

Golfer's Day by Jane Miller - April 10th

(For Mike and Michelle - the two main golfers in the family :)

National Tooth Fairy Day by Bunnie Jordan - February 28th

(This is for everyone!  Who didn't at some point wait for a visit from the tooth fairy?  And sometimes the tooth fairy in our family forgot, so the wait was even longer!  Of course I also thought of Jeff, the dentist :)

National Popcorn Day by Kathy McLaren - January 19th

(Jessie for sure!  She's the popcorn lover in the family :)

National Bake Cookies Day by Lorraine Fenstermacher - December 18th

(I'll give a shout out to Jonathan, who loves peanut butter bars and Landon, whose favorite is chocolate chip.  But really, who doesn't love a fresh baked cookie?)

Just out of curiosity I looked up today May 9th and discovered that it's Victory Day.

Victory Day is a holiday that commemorates the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union at the end of Second World War, known in the Soviet Union as the Great Patriotic War.

So there you go.  Have a good one!!


  1. I just looked up my birthday in 2017 and it will be national visit your local quilt shop day! No kidding! We'll have to celebrate ;)

    1. What?! That's fantastic! Yes, what a great way to celebrate!