Friday, May 27, 2016

Quilted Beauties

I went to get eggs out of my fridge last night to make egg salad sandwiches for dinner and I found these!  No, they didn't come from the store that way, it was my dear, sweet hubby :)  I love him too!

Not Gram's Bear Paw!
made and quilted by Peggy Marquardt

The quilting on this quilt is absolutely stunning.  It was in the Computerized Category, so does that mean it's digitized?  I do not know anything about computerized quilting.

A Touch of Blue is a whole cloth quilt made by Rachelle Denneny from Australia.  It is free motion machine embroidered and quilted on a domestic machine!  She used blue thread for the machine embroidery and white for the quilting.  She has also made a miniature of the same design.
This quilt was stunning and the pictures do not really do it justice.  I think it's just hard to photograph a whole cloth quilt.

Really 'Wild' Flowers! Third Season
made and quilted by Sharon Schlotzhauer (she's from Monument, Colorado)

This quilt contains her "signature open-centered flowers" which I found really fascinating.  (See photo below)  There are pieced prairie points around the center too.

made and quilted by Ann Horton

I found this quilt fascinating because, although it's hard to see in the picture, the tree and tree branch are quilted in the background and are holding up the nest, which it appliquéd and painted.  And the name of the quilt is quilted in on the left.  Very clever - I love it!

She said, "This quilt suggests both the seen and unseen aspects of the Creator's care."

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