Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Gougane Barra Hotel

Monday night we stayed at this hotel, The Gougane Barra Hotel, in this rather remote BEAUTIFUL location. No wifi here folks! It was kind of nice actually though, no one was worrying about it!
This is the view from our window, above, and our room, below. It was SO peaceful and quiet. All we heard in the morning were some birds chirping and sheep baaing :) We found out that there are 3.5 million sheep in Ireland, almost one per person. Michelle has become obsessed with them, as I did the first time we came. We are visiting a working sheep farm today!

We took a stroll along the lake. There were midges (gnats) here, so bug spray was a good idea.

Church on the property. This hotel has been in their family for over 70 years.

This is our group at dinner! Only one choice of a place to eat and that was at the hotel. The wife does all the evening cooking and the husband cooks the breakfast. The food was DELICIOUS.
(The two girls bobbing their heads in at the very end of the table are identical twins.) This is a very fun group!

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  1. SO fun! What an ideal way to experience Ireland!! I love this hotel and want to stay there when I go.

    I love that rock wall too :-)

    Find some sheep poo paper!!

    I want to take my kayak out in that lake!