Thursday, July 14, 2016

Barb Gardner

Last night I was finally able to get to a guild meeting!  The CO West Quilt Guild hosted speaker Barb Gardner, who spoke about "Beyond Basic Bindings".  It was very interesting, with good ideas and inspiration and a small trunk show.  Today she is teaching a workshop on binding and finishing techniques.

I was able to take some pretty good pictures of her beautiful quilts.  I really like the quilting on this one.  She said this one was a group effort and has won some awards.

She had some very interesting ideas for finishing techniques, like the quilt above, which looks like a sunflower on top of two quilts.  The blue section has a faced finish, and the green has a traditional binding.  It was nice to be challenged to think of different ways to finish the edge of quilts.

I really like this one too - it is a traditional binding using several different yellow fabrics, not all the same like we typically do, but it's very subtle.

The binding above on the top and sides is made from a transparent fabric - interesting!

And another faced binding on this one and the one below.  The one below even has an uneven edge on the right where the tree branches hang off the side.  That looks challenging!

And of course there are piped bindings...

Below is Barb's version of Stupendous Stitching finished with a rat tail trim zig zag stitched on the edge and mounted on a frame.

This one is quite different with the focus offset and the yellow piping setting it apart from the blue border on two sides and the blue and yellow binding.  Fun!  I'm definitely feeling inspired to be more creative with my finishes!

You can learn more about Barb at:

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  1. The second to last quilt is a cool art quilt:)