Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Funny Row by Row Story

The Row by Row Experience is on again this summer and the theme is "Row by Row Home Sweet Home". I have seen some CUTE row patterns this year in the shops!  I've only picked up a couple so far but I have my sights set on some more.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Hi Fashion and Lorraine overheard my daughter and I talking about driving through St. George and wanting to stop at the Superior Thread Company - something on my "want to do" list.  She told us that a woman had just come through Grand Junction wanting to pick up the row by row kit from Hi Fashion but had missed out, arriving just after they had closed!  The lady happened to be from the St. George area and Lorraine said if we were going to be stopping at a store in St. George perhaps we could connect with this lady and bring her the kit, or leave it at the shop and she could pick it up there.  I told her of course we would do that - what are fellow quilters for right?

So it was arranged - I was supposed to leave it at Mother Superior's Fab Fabrics on Tuesday and Linda would pick it up from there.  Well, we didn't arrive in St. George until almost 8:00 PM, after the store had closed.  I texted Linda and asked if she would like to meet somewhere else, but she was still road tripping collecting row by rows from many other quilt shops in a couple of other states!  I told her we would be back through on Saturday and I'd drop it off then.  Saturday, we missed Fab Fabrics by 15 minutes!  Now I knew how it felt to arrive at the quilt shop right after it closes!  I called Linda, who was home by this time, and we arranged to meet at the Harley Davidson shop just off the freeway, where I was able to meet a friendly fellow quilter, deliver her row by row kits from Grand Junction and she in turn gave me one from her local quilt shop in Hurricane, Utah!  It was a fun experience and thanks to Lorraine for setting it all up!  I still need to go back to St. George though and visit the Superior Thread company.  Phyllis and Eddy tell me it's pretty amazing :)

If you would like to learn more about the Row by Row Experience, which is in all 50 states and Canada, go check it out at:

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