Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Brigham City Museum Exhibit - More Quilts!

In The Southern Tradition
by Cynthia England, Texas

Artist's rendition of a home in League City, TX built in 1913

Serengeti Child
by Grade Errea, California

Based on a photo taken when the child was unaware he was being observed :)

Dragon Dance
by Laurie Miller, Missouri

Tessellating Pinwheels provide the background to the appliquƩd dragon.

Canyonlands Morning
by Susan Madden, Utah

Canyonlands is in Southeast Utah, near Moab.  Madden captured this photo while on a camping trip.

Postcards from Jerusalem
by Jenny Bowker, Australia

I saw Jenny on The Quilt show and she is delightful.

"Three major religions are represented in the quilt.  The floor where the postcards are scattered is similar to the floor in front of the cross at Calvary in the Holy Sepulchre Church.
The border wraps around the mosque of the Dome of the Rock, just inside its outer walls.  It encloses the Jewish Holy of Holies, the Muslim site of Mohammed's ascent to Heaven, and the story from Christianity's Old Testament of Abraham and Issac."

My Deer
by Molly Y. Hamilton- McNally, California

Very nice quilt using the stained glass technique. Molly was born in China and draws on her Chinese heritage for inspiration.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fun Day!!

Today I went with a friend, and my son and his wife to the new Fort Collins, CO LDS Temple open house. It was a fun experience - very beautiful.

Before the tour we watched a video and in each of the rooms the videos were playing in they had a quilt on display! We tried to find out who made them but just found out they were made by women locally. 
I wish I could have seen the quilts in the other rooms without being disruptive :) This one in the room we were in though is beautiful.

After the temple and dinner at a yummy restaurant called Euclid, my friend and I went to see Phantom of the Opera! It was fantastic! I'm still singing the songs šŸ˜Š
These are costumes from Phantom on display at the theater.

Monday, August 29, 2016

More Quilts from the Brigham City Exhibit

Jade Belt Bridge
by Denise Killingsworth, California

"This quilt is Killingsworth's creative response to a photo her son Nick too while visiting the Summer Palace in Beijing."

Spiral Rose Garden
by Ann Fahl, Wisconsin

"The leaves and stems are covered with green holographic thread which adds a subtle sparkle to the plant life growing in this garden."

Chinese Journey
by Stephanie Crawford,
United Kingdom

This triptych represents three memorable parts of Crawford's trip to China in 2012 and is based on her photographs.

Machu Picchu Visitor
by Barbara Barrick McKie,

This quilt is based on a photo taken by McKie while visiting Peru.

Vintage Tiles Revisited
by Marilyn Huntress,
North Carolina

There are 1.365 one inch squares around the blocks that make up the background!

Secluded Splendor
by Marcia Eygabroat, New York

A printed photograph on fabric that is heavily machine quilted with matching threads. The brick wall and gate are "puzzle-pieced" appliquƩd. It looks like you could walk right through that gate!

Have a great day :)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Following are some more photos from the quilt exhibit at the Brigham City Museum.

by Claudia Scheja, Germany

Depicted in the skyline are landmarks of Berlin, the capital of Germany and the bear paws, in the center, are the emblem of Berlin.

Inner Beauty
by Cathleen Miller, New Mexico

Hand quilted and hand appliquƩd.

Whole cloth quilts are difficult to get good pictures of, but this quilt is stunning.

Forever in My Heart
by Lahala Phelps, Utah

This quilt was made in memory of her mother. It is hand appliquƩd and hand quilted.

You can see here that Forever in My Heart has a little mini twin, at least in color if not in design :)  I love miniatures!

Here is a close up of the mini twin:

Dutch Flower Pots
also by Lahala Phelps, Utah

Also hand appliquƩd and hand quilted!!

Hard Times
3D work by Susan Else, California

The piece reflects the uncertainty and discomfort many have experienced during the recent recession.

Lotus and Romy with Vase
by Tarek Fattoh, Egypt

Fattoh is one of the Tentmakers of Cairo.

"The artist appliquĆ©s his exotic, intricate design to a fine cotton background on a large piece of canvas.  He stitches with a thread length of two to three feet long, turning the edges of the fabric under with his needle. Fattoh often works 14 hours a day in his shop, as it's the sole means of his livelihood."

Saturday, August 27, 2016

CQC Meeting

I went to a fun Colorado Quilt Council meeting this morning!  They only have one a year on the Western Slope, so it's always fun to go if I can.  There were about 90 people in attendance - it was fun to see several friends I hadn't seen for awhile!  (That's always the best part of quilting - the friendships :)
The second best part is Show and Tell.  I snapped a few photos.
This is one of Sherida Warner's, with Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

I love the quilt above!  The woman who owns it believes it was made by her great grandmother.  She had a great story to share about it.  Apparently another family member found the quilt pattern and templates and told her about it and she said, "I think I have the quilt!"
(Labels ladies, labels! I'm speaking to myself more than anyone!)

This owl quilt was all reverse appliquƩd with the brown fabric on top of the white, and the design drawn on the brown.

The horse quilt above was enlarged and the quilt on the left is a Christmas quilt.

This quilt was made by Jackie Aguilar from a vintage table topper on a silk background with beautiful machine quilting!

The quilt below is a "scrapbook" crazy quilt with memories of a trip to England and Scotland sewn on.

Here a few close ups of Jackie's quilt so you can see the machine quilting.  Amazing!  She told me that she has a quilt in the Houston Quilt Festival this year in the embellished category.  I've seen the quilt and it's incredible.  I hope it wins!!!!

OK, I need to do some more machine quilting practice....

The speaker was Ami Simms and she is hilarious.  She had all of us laughing so hard everyone was probably wondering what was going on in that meeting room.

Fun day :)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Odds and Ends

I love orange!  It just makes me happy :)  We went to the Parade of Homes with my daughter a few weeks ago and this was my favorite house - little pops of orange everywhere!

I  recently finished my Plain and Fancy block of the month quilt top.  I have the backing, batting and binding all ready to go so I will be quilting it soon!

While in Denver I bought fabric to begin working on this........

For this little cutie!

This is what happens when baby gets hold of the kleenex tissue box in the car!  :)