Friday, September 16, 2016

Machine Embroidery??

At the CWQG meeting the other night Gini showed me this beautiful Sashiko quilt that she made.  I was admiring her beautiful handwork when she totally shocked me by saying it was all done on the embroidery machine!  What??  I've never seen any machine embroidery work like this before.  It's absolutely beautiful!

I must say that I still do love handwork.  I love doing handwork!  I know some people don't but I find it very peaceful and relaxing.  I also admire people who can run their embroidery machines because it takes a lot of talent to digitize and program and stabilize and all these other terms I'm unfamiliar with!

Kudos to all of us for being creative and enjoying what we love to do.  I wish that for everyone!
Have a great day and I hope you find some time to create!

Oh one more thing....
Look at these cute decorations that were at the guild meeting.  We had a homemade dessert contest and these were decorating the table.  This one is a little teapot of some sort and the one below is an actual real, very small, sewing machine!
Too fun :)

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